The Golf Gods Mock Me!!

I swear the golf gods must hate me! I’m on my way to play my first round in 2 weeks and wham! — flat tire. One? Oh no, two! Yep. Two flat tires @ 7:00 am on the interstate. Gotta love that!

Anyway, I have just 5 words for anyone in the market for tires: Buy the road hazard insurance! I spent $4/tire a year ago for the insurance. I’m not sure why I did, because I had only had one flat tire in 12 years, but boy am I glad I did. I’ve had three road hazards in a little over a year. (Damn, I’ve had two today!)

So, long story short, spend a little now, save a lot later. They guy told me that it would have cost me $329 to get replace the two tires I had. That just about made me sick. Then I started thinking, “Why the hell did I ever spend so much on the tires I bought? That’s obscene!”

With the exception of keeping all four wheels on the road, things are going well for me right now. I love my job. The people are fabulous. My wife is doing great. We spent “quality time” together this morning washing cars! The dogs are fantastic. They’re a little depressed about not being on the webcam recently, but I promised ’em to run it more this week. My brother-in-law, Keith, is out of town. What more could one guy want?!

Y’all have a great week. I’ll try to post more later. Oh, one more thing, please click here to send Merrin an email. Tell her to post something sometime!!