Golf, Weddings, and Somesuch

Brian and Courtney’s Wedding is just a few days away. (We’re just one week from the bachelor party!!) We head to Tampa on Sunday for all the festivities. Can’t wait to see these kids get married. They’re great for one another. Congrats, Brian & Courtney.

I just realized that I forgot to enlighten you with the latest tales of golf victory. I am running 4-1 over the last five weeks vs. Keith. This past week, however, was really a battle of attrition more than anything else. We played the outstanding Creeks of Beachwood (view course). For those of you who follow golf, all you need to know is this is a new Troon Golf/Greg Norman course. The kid at the clubhouse told us that Norman shot 4 over a few months ago. We should have turned around and gone home when we heard that!

We fought through a very tough course and lived to fight another day. We had a great time and –best of all– I won! Kinda becoming a foregone conclusion, huh?