Golf Scores/Handicaps Updated

This story is getting old. Another week, another tail kicking in golf. OOPS! Sorry, just ignore all this talk about golf. I’m sure no one is interested in who won or who lost. So, I’m just going to spare everyone the details. OK? If you just have to know all the details, you could click the more link, but –really– are you that interested??

The new handicaps are here.

Golf Scores/Handicaps Updated

The golf scores are in and the handicaps are updated. Please click here to view the latest info.

For those of you interested in the classic Kevin/Keith duels, the answer is: “Yes. I did. (Duh!) 3-0 to Kevin.”

Golf Scores/Handicaps Updated

I’ve updated the handicaps with today’s round. Congrats to Jim who was the big winner today. And, for those of you keeping score at home, that’s two weeks in a row that I’ve gone home with Keith’s money. And, while I’m not sure that this streak will last, I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts!!!

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