Big Weekend @ Lone Star Park

I have to tell everyone what a GREAT time we had Friday night @ Lone Star Park in Grand Prarie. Cheryl, Jen, Keith, Merrin & I went to see the horse races and indulge on the $1.50 beers.

Jennifer (my sister-in-law) has been into horses for years. (She’s really old!) She has her own horses. She’s ridden and trained horses for years. (REALLY old!) So, she shows up at the track and proceeds to bet ~maybe~ $30 all night. She walks out of there with over $300. How fair is that?!?! She even nailed a trifecta.

There was, however, one downer for the evening. One of the horses fell at the finish line during a late race. They had people there right away, but I don’t think they were able to do anything for the horse. It was really depressing. But, I’m sure anyone who had worked with that horse would tell you that she enjoyed racing and wouldn’t have wanted anything different.

For my part, I lost about $15 total on the night. I had a blast though. Can’t wait to go again! Next time I’m going to listen to Jennifer and bet who she bets!