Very funny website

1) I admit that I probably have too much free time. I spend some of it on the internet.
2) I have an unusual sense of humor. A lot of things crack me up that make most people just sigh or groan.

It is with these two personal statements that I offer you a VERY FUNNY website (by my standards). It is maintained by a man in England and called:

Things my girlfriend and I have argued about

And –while I don't really care for the pictures of his girlfriend– I can't stop laughing when I read his site. Enjoy!

High School Reunion

My high school reunion was this past weekend. It's a little hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. I was wanting to go, but things just didn't work out with my new promotion and our two other planned trips to Florida this year. I got the "Memory Book" in the mail today.

I guess the best part about looking back on high school is that you remember the people who meant the most to you then. After reading the names, I can safely say that there are probably two dozen that even ring a bell. Yet, at the time, I could probably ID at least 100 people on site. Wierd.

Looking back on high school, I certainly miss my friends. And, if any of you are stopping by to read my this, please be so kind as to shoot me an email now and then.

Big Weekend @ Lone Star Park

I have to tell everyone what a GREAT time we had Friday night @ Lone Star Park in Grand Prarie. Cheryl, Jen, Keith, Merrin & I went to see the horse races and indulge on the $1.50 beers.

Jennifer (my sister-in-law) has been into horses for years. (She's really old!) She has her own horses. She's ridden and trained horses for years. (REALLY old!) So, she shows up at the track and proceeds to bet ~maybe~ $30 all night. She walks out of there with over $300. How fair is that?!?! She even nailed a trifecta.

There was, however, one downer for the evening. One of the horses fell at the finish line during a late race. They had people there right away, but I don't think they were able to do anything for the horse. It was really depressing. But, I'm sure anyone who had worked with that horse would tell you that she enjoyed racing and wouldn't have wanted anything different.

For my part, I lost about $15 total on the night. I had a blast though. Can't wait to go again! Next time I'm going to listen to Jennifer and bet who she bets!

Memorial Day Weekend

I spent a few (read as "many") hours working on a redesign that I could be proud of for our website. Merrin was so happy with this one that I think it's going to stick around a while. That is, unless everyone else hates it! So, please be so kind as to email me and tell me what you think. OK?

I spent the rest of the holiday weekend doing some of my other favorite activities. I played golf with the boys on Saturday morning. Needless to say, I lost several dollars on that activity. I haven't got any sense of consistency to my game right now. Maybe I need to take a few weeks off and just play golf everyday! I wish!

Sunday was "Tim Taylor Day" as I went about doing my home improvements. I mowed and landscaped the house. I drilled a nice hole in the wall in preparation for running a network cable from the office to the guest bedroom where Merrin is going to put her new computer. That way she can access the DSL service and we can have high speed internet on both systems. (No, I did not drill a BIG hole. Just a small one along the baseboards. Bet ya $1 you wouldn't even notice it.) I got our new American flag hung outside and it looks pretty nice. I like having it there.

That brings us to Monday. I am debating whether to play golf again with my partners or to go to Lone Star Park. I am certain to have a goodtime and lose money either way. Maybe I can squeeze in both. It is the "Lone Star Million" on Monday and a lot of the big name horses are going to be in town. Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday is Merrin's birthday. Wednesday is my birthday. I like having our birthdays back to back. I think we are both too big of kids to have one get a present without the other getting one! And to think that WE might be parents someday!!

Take care everyone and have a safe week. I'll talk to all of you soon.