Month: May 2009

I have pants!

In preparation for our Safari next month, I’ve been researching pants. Let’s all pause to just let that statement sink in, because it’s not insignificant. MONTHS… RESEARCHING… PANTS…. I mean, can you imagine spending MONTHS reading reviews, looking through detailed imagery, and analyzing fit… to buy pants? PANTS. Not a car or life insurance… PANTS. …

Date Night

One of my favorite traditions – fifteen plus years in the making – is our weekly date night. Even when it’s just a quick bite to eat, I love going “out” with my wife. 🙂

Operational Status: BEHIND!

Somehow, someway… I’ve gotten way, way, WAY behind on feeds, tweets and emails. If there’s something I’ve missed, please Twitter @kevindonahue! I should be caught up by… well, soon. (I hope!) 🙂 If you’re having trouble keeping up with me, please check my Lifestream for the latest!