Month: April 2009

Have you any clue, man?!

I wonder if the folks at the CDC know what they’ve unleashed. I mean… I am a borderline compulsive hand-washer and now you tell me to be sure I’m washing my hands?! We’ll be lucky if I have any skin left by the time the swine flu passes. 🙂

Twitter: The Next Big Thing for Realtors?

My brother-in-law, our real estate agent for two purchases and one sale, is now on Twitter. I must first concede that I haven’t seen my brother-in-law in a couple of years; however, I don’t recall him being the “alpha geek” type. Capable on computers? Yes. Curious about new technologies? Yeah… I guess so, but more …

Poison to be removed from Africa

Baraza relates that, in response to the 60 Minutes story on lion poisonings, the company responsible for Furadan is taking measures to remove it completely from Kenya, including a buy-back program to target old inventory. It also appears that FMC will stop shipments to Tanzania and institute a buy-back there as well. Living with Lions …