New to my dock – Spotlaser

I very rarely add apps to my OS X dock. If it’s not something I’m using every day (or roughly every day), then it’s not making it to the dock. Well, a new (to me) app has earned a coveted spot on my dock: Spotlaser.

Spotlaser is a free app (donations suggested!) that adds boolean search operators and custom options in a Spotlight-esque interface. It’s instantly usable – exceptionally intuitive.

With Spotlaser, you can search for items that match any terms, all terms, or exact phrases. It also supports searching within specific parts of the file (filename, content, metadata, etc.) or for specific types of files, file sizes, and time-based searches (created, modified, etc).

Who? What? When? Where? Spotlaser finds it all. Pretty sweet.

But the pi̬ce de r̩sistance for Spotlaser is the ability to save searches as Smart Folders. In the words of our Guinness friends РBRILLIANT!!!

If it’s on a Mac, Spotlaser will find it – plain and simple.