Set the GPS for Decatur, GA

OK. I think we’ve found our next great vacation adventure: Decatur, GA.

Why? The HamDog.

The dish, a specialty of Mulligan’s, a suburban bar, is a hot dog wrapped by a beef patty that’s deep fried, covered with chili, cheese and onions and served on a hoagie bun. Oh yeah, it’s also topped with a fried egg and two fistfuls of fries.

Oh hell yea.

7 Comments on “Set the GPS for Decatur, GA”

  1. Oh my God…in Santa Barbara, when I was in college there was this place called Woody’s…and they had a sandwich which was a burger topped with turkey, ham, bacon, chili, and about fifteen other things. One of our friends ordered one on a dare…needless to say, he didn’t finish it. The ham was particularly tasty. 🙂 They don’t serve it anymore…but it was amazing.