Tricking up my kiss

I gotta confess that I was NOT impressed when the good folks at Hershey’s decided to trick up the Hershey’s Kiss.

I mean – let’s face it – the Kiss is pretty damn close to perfect. Silver foil, paper plume… boom – that’s a Hershey’s Kiss. And if it’s delightfully close to Christmas, the Kiss gets all dressed up in red and green foil. THAT, my friends, is a holiday tradition.

And then… for some reason that only Satan himself could comprehend, they started tricking up the Kiss. They put almonds in Kisses. And then came the white chocolate Hugs. And then Strawberry, Toffee, and Fudge. And then Chocolate Mint. But that wasn’t enough tomfoolery, no – then came the Dark Chocolate Kiss, the Caramel Kiss, and the Dulce-de-Leche Kiss.

Now, we’ve got a whole new generation of tricked up Kisses: Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate with Almonds, Coconut Creme, Chocolate Truffle, Mini Cookies with Chocolate Chips, Mini Cookies Double Chocolate, and Mini Cookies with Confetti Sprinkles.

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Cookie Kisses?!?! Blech.

But now, out on the horizon of hope, a new Kiss waits: the Candy Cane Kiss.

The Candy Cane Kiss is peppermint-flavored white chocolate — mmmmm, peppermint — dressed in red stripes with tiny red nonpareils to add a candy cane crunch.

Oh my goodness. Did you just read that? Oh yeah, you did. White chocolate, peppermint, and a candy cane crunch… all in a delicious Kiss. Yes, sir, yes, sir, three bags full.

Is that candy nirvana? Maybe if you take that good and dress it in a delightful little silver & red foil wrapper. Wait… Hershey’s did that?!?! Oh my gosh, I think you’re on to something Mr. Hershey Kiss Tricker-Upper man.

Can the Candy Cane Kiss displace the red/green foil Kiss as the holiday Kiss of choice? Stay tuned, people, stay so very, very tuned. 🙂

6 Comments on “Tricking up my kiss”

  1. Did you really just write that much about Hershey Kisses?! Those candy cane kisses do sound good 🙂

  2. Those cherry cordial kisses taste like a horrible cough drop! yuck! Yummers to the peppermints ones! I’ll be on the look out for them!