We survived the OS X blue screen on boot

Merrin’s iBook decided to stop booting yesterday, opting instead for a lovely blue screen after the “loading OS X” graphic. Nice. Apple has some info on their support site about repairing a blue screen on load, but most of what they suggested was not terribly helpful.

Since her laptop is out of coverage, I was going to try as many things as I could before I took it in to Apple for repair. I suspect, but don’t know with certainty, that her boot volume was corrupted… somehow. As unusual as that sounds, there was no physical problem with her computer, at least nothing that I could find.

I removed the additional RAM and rebooted – nothing. I attempted to boot to Safe Mode – no go, just the blue screen after the safe mode login screen. Damn. I then booted to the OS X Tiger DVD and tested the hard drive using Disk Utility, but it reported that there were no errors on the disk. Hmmmm.

I decided to reinstall OS X using the Archive and Install option. This process essentially saves all of the old data into one folder and then installs a clean copy of OS X, setting the new copy as the boot. A few minutes later, we’re back and running again – with all of her user settings in place.

Now we just have to test the new install for a few days and then nuke the archive folder, assuming things go well. ((fingers crossed))

4 Comments on “We survived the OS X blue screen on boot”

  1. yay, Kebon!! that’s what is nice about having you and the husband having knowledge ’bout them ‘puters….we don’t have to take our ‘puters to Apple for something like that where we’d be ‘puter-less for days.

  2. For future reference. If you have not been to the Genius Bar at your local Apple store, you should. They have become my new best friends for a year or two now. You should have an appointment but there always seems to be a lull between appointments to slip in if you are patient.

    Plus, for $310 you can get a sick laptop sent off and fixed; I did recently. Then a few weeks later, the hard drive died, so they replaced it (after I waited two weeks and they were unable to get a 10 Gig, they put in a 30 Gig at no charge).

    The Genius Bar is pure genius to me. But I have sat there long enough to see why iPods cost so much because they do a lot of replacements–dead iPod in warranty replaced with refurbished one–just sign here. They will troubleshoot an iPod right there and tell you what your options are.