This song is getting O-L-D

Can we just get through one election without hearing how it was stolen? Damn.

“[U]nless there are levels of theft and fraud that would truly mean the end of American democracy, a Democratic House seems as close to a sure thing as we ever get in American politics three days before an election… November 2006 will be remembered either as the time American democracy was stolen again, maybe forever, or began a brighter day. “

3 Comments on “This song is getting O-L-D”

  1. I don’t care who ya voted for – that’s really not the point. To see the Boston Globe come out with a national op-ed saying “either the Democrats when or it’s fraud” is just… exhausting – and a little hackneyed now.

    The suggestion that any & all elections can be rigged in our country is just asinine.

    Just everybody go vote for somebody and we’ll count the votes and that will be who won.

    Seriously, just go vote.

  2. The way the media was following Kinky, you’d think he actually had a chance of winning. He only got 12% of the vote. I hadn’t heard of any of the other names until I looked up Rick Perry’s name today.

    I’m sick of the “either we win or the elections were rigged” line also. The lack of protests over the last election cylce speaks volumes, in my opinion.