3 Comments on “Halp us, Jon Carry”

  1. My soldier husband can’t be *that* dumb…he was able to ID where those soldiers were from by one of the patches on their arms. Go Tulane!

  2. There’s been a lot in the paper about the education of soldiers versus the general populus in the same demographics. Something like 95+% of soldiers have high school education versus 80+% of population. 98% of officers have some college versus 56+% of general population.

    I’m off on those numbers, but they are within the ballpark.

    Plenty smart and plenty brave, I’d say.

  3. I went to college and was good friends with three Marines and two Army reservists. I know two former Marines who I hang out with now who were college educated. The soldiers and veterans that I know certainly don’t fall within being less educated than the American populace on average, and four of the above listed soldiers I know served or are currently serving in Iraq and one is serving now in Afghanistan.

    It’s this stupid myth that Kerry spoke to, whether he meant it or not, I most object to. If Kerry doesn’t believe the myth, and I honestly believe he does because he comes from an era where the draft did choose the “lessor” Americans, many people in his camp certainly do.