The village people were out tonight, parading their costume-clad children through the streets of Candyland. (Or something equally prophetic.) But, at least we got trick-or-treaters, unlike the great candy debacle of 2003. The one missing piece was C3, of course, but I suppose he was off collecting ears of corn or something down in Farmville. 🙂

Is it just me or is it more than a little ironic that Merrin got her stitches taken out on Halloween? Hmmm…..

5 Comments on “GIVE ME SOME CANDY!!!!”

  1. I was Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at a party for a friend of mine’s kiddo on Monday and I took two buckets of candy to hand out since it was left over and I didn’t want to go buy any.

    Yeah, not a single knock. 100 Grand Bar, anyone?

  2. How many pieces of candy did you give out? ONE, like usual, and two to the ones who had good costumes? We thought about coming to TorT at your house, but since you’re so stingy with your candy we figured we could buy G a whole bag for less than the cost of the gas to get there! ;o)

  3. Rocks? Really? We were going to hand out bottles of wine, but figured that probably wouldn’t go over well with our homeowners association.