I skipped out of the office early yesterday so that Merrin and I could go to opening day at the Great State Fair of Texas. She had never been to an opening day (ditto for me) and we missed the fair last year, so it seemed like a no-brainer. Plus, with great weather, it was just the perfect day for the fair.

The food this year was good. Really good. Merrin dug the Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly with Banana sandwich. That was pretty good, but I gave my top prize to the Fried Mac-n-Cheese balls. (Think awesome with a golden brown crust and oozing with awesomeness.) And I managed to knock back two Fletcher’s Corny Dogs to boot.

2008 Ford F250 SDThe highlight for me, however, is always the new car show. Merrin got to sit in a couple cars that are on her list for next year, and I got to see the new Ford F250 Super Duty. In truth, seeing the new Ford was at least 20% of my motivation for going to the fair, despite all that noise previously about opening days, weather, and fried good. I also got to drive the new Chevy Silverado pickup and got a freebie for nf0, but I don’t think he would think much of the new Chevy – too soft and tame for his tastes, I suspect. It is refined & improved, but lacks the looks (inside & out) of the sainted F150.

We must have walked a couple of miles to see everything, but we did stop in to watch two “heats” of the pig races. I’m going to say you can go ahead and skip that, though. It’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. 🙂

We also rode the Star of Texas ferris wheel, which we hadn’t done since our first trip to the fair. I had forgot how tall that thing was (212 feet – 12 stories!) We got to the top right around sunset, which was beautiful. It might have even been a little romantic, if not for the Dad & daughter sharing our gondola.

It was a great day. We finally got to spend some quality time – which has been short since I’ve been working so much. Besides, nothing says “romance” like fried food and carnival workers!

5 Comments on “Fairly… AWESOME”

  1. I’m not sure awesome things should “ooze”. It sounds a bit too medical to me. Perhaps “filled” with awesomeness is appropriate? 🙂

  2. Oh no, oozing is true fountain of awesome. It occurs when there is so much awesome it can’t help but spontaneously and automatically leak.

  3. You know…I haven’t been to the State Fair since…1998. I have fond memories of corny dogs, beer and local gang activity! YAY!

    I really need to get back out there again…