It’s official

There are only a few days in the course of your life that qualify as “the best days” – a day that changes your whole life. I can’t say how many – maybe five or six, maybe ten if you’re really lucky. But today… today was one of those for Merrin and me.

You see, today is… well, today is a red letter day. It’s one of the days where you get really big news, and your heart stops and your whole life is forever different. Today is one of those “best days”.

Today… it’s officially official – we’re adopting a baby girl.

13 Comments on “It’s official”

  1. Seeing it written on your site seriously just brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for you guys:-)

  2. Kevin:

    Congratulations! Get ready for an incredible journey, and it is just like a roller coaster. I’m a stay-at-home Dad (retired from I.T.) with a 5 year-old boy and 2 year-old girl. The hits never stop.