FSU sells out to Nike

Bad news from Tallahassee: Out with tradition, in with whatever the hell Nike wants.

For the first time ever, Florida State will wear black uniforms for their October 21 home game against Boston College. The special edition uniforms are being designed by Nike to commemorate FSU’s relationship with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

For some schools, tricking up their uniforms is routine – take Oregon for example. But FSU is not “some schools”. The most adventurous FSU has gotten with uniforms in recent years is garnet pants or going all garnet (jerseys & pants) for some games. But I’m afraid this is becoming an all to prevalent trend in college football. Tradition be damned – it’s all about the cash.

One more thing, and this is going to both prove my point and color me as a potential hypocrite: I will totally buy one of these limited edition jerseys.

4 Comments on “FSU sells out to Nike”

  1. A move like that could get LSU AD Berp Skitman run out of town on a rail, 5 CWS championships notwithstanding.