Old school or just plain old?

Without question, “tags” are all the rage. My del.icio.us links and Flickr photos all have tags. I’ll probably even start tagging my blog posts in MT 3.3. Everybody’s got tags – Technorati, YouTube, you name it, it’s got tags.

Somedays I think I even think I’m starting to get the hang of “tagging” items. And then I go and read something like this, and I realize that I am so 2002.

See, while I’ve downloaded and installed MailTags for Mail.app months & months ago, I still haven’t adapted to tagging my email.

Instead I’m doing the old faithful: folders. When I get an bill payment confirmation, I file it in the Bill Payments folder. A confirmation for an upcoming trip – straight into the Travel folder. And so on.

I’m making a conscious effort to try to re-learn email and move to tagging my email. Can I make it work? Well, that remains to be seen.

What about you… are you tagging your email??