Saving money isn’t hard – it’s easy

One of the things Merrin & I set out today this past year was to bump up our savings accounts. We made some changes in our budget and -poof- we’re able to save. Awesome, right? Right.

But savings accounts at the bank SUCK. I mean absolutely SUCK. Earning 1.00% – 2.00%?? SUCK.

And then we found ING Direct. They had savings accounts with no minimums and awesome rates. How awesome? The current rate on a standard, no-frills, FDIC insured savings account is 4.35%. You give them some money, they give you your money, plus some more. Good deal, I’d say.

But that deal can be even sweeter………

I have a few referrals that will feather your next egg with a free $25.00 if you’re depositing $250 or more. That’s a guaranteed 10% right up front. And, since I’m your good buddy ol’ pal, I rake in a $10 bonus. To get the free $25, you have to have a referral code, so email me or comment if you’re interested.

So… what are you waiting for?? (This is the part where you go email me or comment asking for the referral.)

One Comment on “Saving money isn’t hard – it’s easy”

  1. Dude…you need to hook yourself up with Emigrant Direct. We’ve been with them since last fall, and they’re upping their interest rate to 5.15% on August 1!!