4 Comments on “Happy Independence Day!”

  1. Kevin, I’ve got a question, did you ban me or did that little shit talker Jeff ban me from Fanblogs? He can dish it out, but sure can’t take it I guess. Anyways I think that there were worse comments on the site then any of mine, I mean you got Go Navy. Beat Army., and T-Mac having race wars! I mean c’mon I never took it as far as to call someone a Negga, but yet they are still posting their hearts out. I just think it was a very unjust decision. Have a good one.

  2. I guess he got mad because I threw the book at him on his little back-country conservative site, I mean how do people expect people from WVa. to react when all you receive is negative comments about your State, Conference, and Football Program? He commented on a past topic… I think it was Toughest Places to Play…. and stated this comment “TOOTHLESS CHEERLEADERS? MOUNTAINEER FIELD IS AT 23.”

    So like I said I just let him have it on his little back-country-conservative site, and now mysteriously I can’t post a single word. This sucks! Well if you have time just fill me in on the situation. I’ll accept any decision from you. I never heard you say anything bad about WVA’s people so I respect what you do greatly with the site, but Jeff can kiss my ass. Just fill me in on this page here if you would, thank you.