Father’s Day

This has been a pretty interesting Father’s Day for me. I recently had a chance to recall & retell some of my favorite memories of my Mom & Dad. I have two amazing parents who’ve given me a lifetime of memories and life lessons. So when I talked to my Dad last night, I got the opportunity to tell him about one of my favorite memories growing up.

Growing up, my brother & I played baseball – little league or whatever you want to call it. When I was about 9 or 10 or so, we had a game that went into extra innings and well past dark. Because our field didn’t have lights, the game was put on hold and moved to the “big field” – the one the older kids played on with lights & all. While we were waiting to take the field, my Dad and a few others went off to get hamburgers & cokes for the whole team. I can remember sitting there, getting ready to play on the big field, with all of us sitting on truck tailgates & fenders eating hamburgers.

For a little boy, this was probably the perfect night. The game continued very late into the night, but I couldn’t tell you who won or lost. Back then, that night was about staying up late & eating hamburgers with my team long after we should have been in bed. That night, we were the “big kids”. For me now, I remember how special it was to be “grown up” – and that it was my Dad that had made me feel that way.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad – and thanks for being there for the big things & the little things. I love ya.

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  1. I was really expecting the taco story. I mean, this was a great story and all, but I was really expecting that the great memory was the introduction to tacos!