Month: December 2005

You’re my boy, Blue

Patrick Cranshaw, who played Blue in Old School, died today. “Everywhere he went people would yell ‘Blue, hey Blue, you’re my boy Blue,’ ” says his daughter, Beverly Trautschold. It’s like he became a rock star in his 80s.” You’re my boy, Blue.

Yule Log

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Whip Club

First rule of whip club: No on talks about whip club (except the Dallas Morning News, or course). Second rule of whip club: If it’s your first time here, you must crack a whip. “When there’s just one person at a park cracking a whip, you’re a nut and they’ll come arrest you,” said Sebastian, …

Hardcore Christmas

So the Coopahues ladies have gone totally gaga for Christmas. We’re talking full-on, hardcore Christmas. The latest evidence? Christmas trees & candy canes on their green & red polished toes. Christmas pedicures…what will they think of next?!