CNN has no shame

CNN is suing FEMA for permission to film and broadcast images of dead bodies from Hurricane Katrina.

“The recovery of victims is being treated with dignity and the utmost respect and we have requested that no photographs of the deceased by made by the media,” said FEMA in a statement.

CNN announced the suit Friday afternoon, saying that prohibition of airing the pictures would prevent full and fair coverage of the story.

Now I understand that CNN has nothing going for it except to run 24 hour coverage of Katrina, but…how does this benefit the public in any way? CNN has no shame.

5 Comments on “CNN has no shame”

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. In a time when so many families are still searching for loved ones, there is no reason to risk them finding out that their family member is gone by seeing it on television. The whole thing is cold, crass and classless – of course I’m beginning to think that the C in CNN actually stands for one of those words. I don’t recognize this channel anymore.

  2. While I totally agree that it’s shameful, you have to step back and understand the whole story: FEMA filed an injunction against all media outlets, and CNN, as well as other news agencies, challenged that by filing a suit of their own. A federal judge overturned the initial order citing its unconstitutionality. The beauty of a free society (and what are our soldiers fighting a half a world away for, if not humanity’s fundamental freedoms?) is this: If you don’t want to watch the horrific displays of an insensitive and shameless media report, you’re free to turn the channel, voice your complaint, etc.

  3. It just feels wrong to show the bodies. Maybe CNN has lost that little voice. I gave up on CNN years ago. We always had it on at work (old job) and I realized that the opinions didn’t match mine, so I made a point to not watch them when I had the choice of news stations.

  4. CNN has no shame? Please. Actually, they are doing to to make it reality — That life after Hurricane can be so harsh.

    FEMA and others are trying to hide the reality from the public mthat there are MANY abuses and deaths left in NOLA>

    It is not shame — it is to expose the reality of American shame.


  5. It’s just going to get worse and worse. Media outlets try to be more and more compelling to watch and the competition for that viewer who wants to see it gets tougher. I’ve been a broadcaster 20 some odd years and i’ve seen it grow. As far as “Ridors” comment. Please! with the American shame already. So many of you get off on bashing this great county. Those like you will be our demise, just hide and watch…