Up until today, Hurricane Katrina was just a “Gee, that’s bad,” reaction from me. I was interested, but not really engaged. I knew people that I was worried about, but – they were OK – and I let it go.

And then today, 400 employees & their families showed up with nothing. No, less than nothing. No luggage, no clothes, no toothbrushes, no extra socks. Nothing. A bunch of us from the office pooled our money and bought underwear, shorts, t-shirts, and socks for them.

These are people who are no different than me. I know some of them from email and conference calls. And here they are, with absolutely nothing. So, there’s a fair degree of guilt going around.

When someone hugs you because you brought them underwear, well…that kinda changes your whole day.

4 Comments on “Just…wow.”

  1. I know what you mean. I almost feel bad that we came through the storm unscathed. Refugees are EVERYWHERE here in Baton Rouge. And like the ones you described, they have NOTHING.

    We’ve made two vanloads of donations to the local shelters so far. Clothing, food, bedding, diapers, toys, etc. And we’re working with some other bloggers up north who want to send a truckload of school supplies each to Baton Rouge and Houston. Getting tens of thousands of kids enrolled in new schools all over the region is going to be a monumental undertaking. Making sure they have supplies are the very least we can do.

  2. You are a good person.

    Many years ago, my home town was flooded and all but destroyed. One day, someone showed up with boxes of eprsaonl supplies and luxury items such
    as a magazine and candy bars and it made me cry and feel deep love for them. I can still see that guy’s face.