My girl robot

I’ve laughed a couple of times at the Citibank “I’m building my girl robot” credit card fraud commercial. Until today. My credit card number got hit for several fraudulent charges. Bastards.

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  1. Yeah. All I could think of was “$1500 for a leather bustier? I didn’t care. It lifts and separates!”. Whoever did this better hope and pray that they don’t meet me in back alley.

  2. With the exception of having to get the card reissued, this is really just a painful inconvenience. The bank & Visa are putting every penny back into our account by noon tomorrow.

  3. So wait, Kevin needed something to lift and seperate? Are you really sure that is something you want to share with the World At Largeâ„¢?

  4. I got hit for $1200 on my CapOne card once, and Bank of America caught an account compromise, called and reissued without posting any charges.

    BofA actually impressed me quite a bit — they called me on Thursday morning, and I had an auto rental to make in Indianapolis on Friday night, so they overnight FedExed the replacement without any complaints at all.

  5. Aw c’mon Kevin, admit it – it *was* the best prom ever, wasn’t it.

    I got a girl with a little rubber head.
    Rinse her out ever night just before I go to bed.
    She never talk back, like a lady might do,
    And she looks like she loves it every time I get through.

    And her name is P, I, N-K-Y.
    P, I, N, no lie.
    K-Y, me-oh-my.
    Sixty-nine ninety-five, c’mon, give her a try!

  6. Ugh, that’s awful. I’m glad things have been cleared up. Note to self – from now on request a virtual card number from my cc company whenever I plan to make a purchase online.

  7. So what do we do now? What things have you learned that we can benefit from?

    Part of me thinks that although our society is moving away from cash, it’s the safest thing to use. Simple is best.