Google, MSN, AOL et al

Google, Microsoft Start, and AOL all have AJAX based web readers now. That’s a good thing. Because I like to synchronise my feeds at home/away, I prefer web readers. My favorite is still NewsGator Online and I will *never* go back to using Bloglines, as it greatly offends my delicate eyes. (Seriously, it’s that ugly.)

These new tools are a good start, but I need more before I’ll switch:

– to display integrated feed lists (all my feeds) in ascending/descending order

– to display my feeds in an attractive manner (Safari style would be nice)

– to remember my read/unread items

Of the three AOL comes the closest to what I’m looking for, but it’s lacking an elegant, combined display of all my feeds. I understand that it’s not exactly the sole intent of these services, but that’s what I want (and I bet I’m not alone.)

Somebody (Scoble?) get that tweaked out and I’ll trash NewsGator.