So I have designs on trying to make it to a couple of college football games this season. Being this far from Tallahassee, I’m probably not going to make any home games for my Seminoles, but I might be able to make their bowl game. (Hopefully the Rose Bowl for the National Championship, but I digress.)

I’m definitely going to make a trip to Kyle Field for a Texas A&M game. I would really like to go to Death Valley to see an LSU game. I’m looking into seeing an Oklahoma game, since that’s just a couple hours away.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll get one of those RVs and just tour the country in search of football and chemical toilet stations, right, Warren?

Speaking of Warren, the WSJ himself is coming to Dallas in August for a book signing. Hopefully our schedules will line up and we’ll get a beer. You Austin folks can break you off a little RJYH in August as well. More details soon.