It’s all about the bacon

This month’s Maxim has a great tip to keep your bacon from curling:

Before cooking, run the strips under cold water and they won’t curl up in the pan. Perfect for sandwiches. And arterial clogging!

I ran this past Chef and this is a known ‘trade-secret’. So, if you’re in the mood for a bacon sammich (and who isn’t?!), here ya go.

And one more thing while we’re at it: Quit buying cheap bacon. Get ya some applewood smoked bacon – you’ll thank me later.

4 Comments on “It’s all about the bacon”

  1. Anji! What did the bacon ever do to you?!

    Also, in my efforts to de-lardass myself, I can’t have bacon. I find this to be wholly unfair.

  2. You can also save the step of running cold water over them and just make sure you put them in the pan first, then start the heat. The slices won’t curl up that way, either.

  3. I have that Beggin Strips dog commercial in my head:

    ITs BACON!

    funny thing is, I have TiVo, so why do I know this commercial?