A hush falls over the crowd

I never thought I would type this:

I am a Mac owner.

With our birthdays tomorrow & Monday, Merrin & I have both succommed to the dark side – she with her shiny iBook and me with the Powerbook. It’s a little to early to rate the transition – I feel like a fish out of water, for sure.

Favorite app so far? Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection. It allows me to control all the XP computers (three) right from my Powerbook. Sweet.

5 Comments on “A hush falls over the crowd”

  1. Mac-tacular! Welcome to the family! My only questoin is, since it’s Merrin’s b-day coming up, why is it that you got the Powerbook and she got the iBook?

  2. Great question.

    1) It’s my birthday too.
    2) Merrin has a much better since of style than I do, and there’s no question that the iBook is much more stylish than this boring old powerbook.
    3) Merrin & I use computers much differently. She tends to use one or two applications, and the internet. I tend to do more work processor intensive work with multiple apps (and a little internet thrown in, too – of course).
    4) Don’t ask me – she bought this one for me!! 🙂

  3. I’m not entirely convinced that I can continue speaking to you.

    I do find it amusing that your favorite mac app is one that you use to control windows machines, though.