Why do we have the Wright amendment?

Quick history lesson why the Wright amendment restricting the size of commercial aircraft at Dallas’ Love Field exists.

Not so long ago, the federal government ordered the cities to end disputes over federal funding for airports by designating a single airport for the region. Dallas & Fort Worth agreed that D/FW should be the region’s “official” airport for federal purposes. Both cities agreed to close their airports to passenger service – Meacham in Fort Worth and Love in Dallas. Southwest Airlines sued Dallas and won the right to keep their contracts in place for service from Love. Speaker of the House (and Fort Worth resident) Jim Wright attached the amendment that restricted the number of commercial seats on any aircraft flying outside the Texas region from Love. Since the passage of the Wright amendment, the list of restriction-free flight destinations has grown to include TX, LA, AR, OK, NM, AL, and MS.

What other airports have these restrictions?
Only Ronald Reagan Airport in Washington DC has restrictions similar to Love Field.

How do you feel?
Awww, don’t get me started.