Newsweek: America is Dead

The Feb 2nd Newsweek published in Japan. For those folks in Japan, Newseek offers up “America is Dead” with a US flag in the garbage. What did the US cover show? It featured Hilary Swank, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx, with the title “Oscar Confidential”.

Perhaps Newsweek makes some valid points in it’s criticisms. But since they lack courage of conviction to run the same cover stateside, it hardly seems they’re willing to stand up for their story.

More details over at Riding Sun.

One Comment on “Newsweek: America is Dead”

  1. That explains the deadly riots back in February when Americans everywhere burned women and children and raped cars and villages in protest of Nooseweak’s disrespectful treatment of The Flag.

    When those guys get *really* serious about freedumb of the press, they’ll publish a picture of the K-ran in the C-mmode in their Saudi Arabian edition.