Month: May 2005

Hell’s Kitchen

Sounds like Josh enjoyed Hell’s Kitchen almost as much as I did. Working in the hospitality industry, I can attest that many chefs are pretty full of themselves. I’m sure some of it is amped up for TV, but – wow! – what a great show!


Feliz cumpleaños a mí! I want to say a quick thank you for the emails. I appreciate it. Thank you to my family who never fails to make me feel special regardless of the miles between us. Finally, a big thank you to Merrin. Sweetheart, the presents & favorite dinners are awesome, but those moments …

Why do we have the Wright amendment?

Quick history lesson why the Wright amendment restricting the size of commercial aircraft at Dallas’ Love Field exists. Not so long ago, the federal government ordered the cities to end disputes over federal funding for airports by designating a single airport for the region. Dallas & Fort Worth agreed that D/FW should be the region’s …