The new Pope

I’m not Catholic. With that disclosure out of the way, I’m disappointed in the choice of Pope. I think the Catholic Church missed an opportunity to select an African or Latin American Pope. It’s a shame, because so much of the Catholic world is from developing nations.

4 Comments on “The new Pope”

  1. I *am* Catholic, and would like to try to tactfully point out that the opportunity is still there. The “leading candidates” from those countries/continents also tend to be at least as conservative as Cardinal Ratzinger, and the faithful of those Diocese tend to value that conservatism. So on balance, I’d say they’ll be satisfied in the short term too.

  2. I don’t care if he is white, black, green, orange or from the US, England, Germany, or Japan. However, I am disappointed in the choice as well. I just wish they did not choose someone so conservative.