Flickr rocks!

I suspect you’re going to see a lot of kudos for Flickr in the next day or two. Why? They’re rewarding Pro members with some goodies because –in their words– I rock!

You may have heard on the grapevine that we planned to
reward our dear Flickr members who bought a Pro Account in
the early days. Well, it’s true! And since you’re one of
those lovely people, here’s a little something to say YOU

1. Double what you paid for!
Your original 1 year pro account has been doubled to
2 years, and your new expiry date is [edited].

2. More capacity!
Now you can upload 2 GB per month.

3. 2 free Pro Accounts to give away to your friends!
This won’t be activated for a day or two, but when it
is, you’ll see a note on your home page telling you
what to do.

Thank you so much for putting your money where your mouth
is and supporting us, even while we’re in beta. Your
generosity and cold, hard cash helped us get where we are

Kind regards,
The Flickreenies.

So, I’ll be upgrading nf0 to a Pro member and enjoying the extra capacity. Flickr rocks!

3 Comments on “Flickr rocks!”

  1. First time poster, long time reader…Kevin, indeed Flickr is HAWT. I was just a recipient of a free pro account via a good friend. ROCK ON FLICKR and FLICKR MEMBERS!

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