DirecTivos to start showing fast-forward ads

While it isn’t unexpected, I’m more than a little peeved to learn that DirecTV and Tivo will now show ads during fast forwarding. For a service that you pay a monthly fee to use, it sure is a shame to go & monkey with it without greatly expanding the features of DirecTivos in return.

I’m glad DirecTV & Tivo have a new revenue stream, I’m just a little bummed that its on the backs of paying customers.

3 Comments on “DirecTivos to start showing fast-forward ads”

  1. Well, that does it for me. I was looking at getting a TiVo rather than building a HTPC with PVR but if they’re going to require me to look at ads when I pay for the serivce…they can suck my toe.

  2. I think it is ironic that they are doing it to appease the big guys, when in reality some studies say that Tivo users have a higher retention of what they see in ads despite fast forwarding through them. I know I do – I have to look at the TV as I zip through so I know when to stop. Without Tivo, the commercial break is when you leave the room to do everything else.

    Silly, silly corporate world. When will they learn?

  3. I promise I’d watch the ads if TiVo would provide me with a way of retrieving programs I have accidentally deleted.

    I promise.