Love & Luck

I’ve given a lot of thought to my blogging over the last few months. I know I’ve said several times that I hardly have time to post anything any more.

I’ve made so many good friends from this. I’ll still be an avid reader & an occasional commenter over at your sites, but I guess we’ve come to the end of the page here for now. Love & Luck.

Don’t ever try to change em’
We’re just players in this game
And No ones keepin’ score
So have your fun
Go aheadand tell your story
Find yourself a lover who will glue you to the floor

Everbody needs a little good luck charm
A little gris-gris keeps you safe from harm
Rub yours on me and I’ll rub mine on you
Luckiest couple on the avenue

With a little love and luck you will get by
With a little love and luck we’ll take the sky
In this megalo-moern world you’ve got to try
Try a little love and luck and you’ll get by

9 Comments on “Love & Luck”

  1. WHAT?

    How could I have missed this?

    Although I’ve seen you post, I damn well hope it’s a joke.

    It’s a joke, isn’t it?

    You’re gonna make me very sad/cry if you’re not.