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Every so often, the larger websites will break down their traffic to report on browser stats and newsreader stats. (Arts Technica has such an analysis today.) Most of the time, these are done by – let’s be honest – sites that would be considered on the geekier side of Mom & Pop America.

So, I thought I’d help by taking the college football blog and breaking down the traffic & newsreader stats. Why? The Fanblogs target audience is (generally) non-geeks – it is dyed-in-the-wool football fans. (You know, guys who are infected with spy ware, but getting a new pc because their’s is running slow. 🙂

Fanblogs College Football Blog –

OS (as reported by AWStats for 2005 YTD)
Not surprisingly, MS Windows accounts for 96+% of college football fans. The remainder is mostly Mac (2.7%) and Linux (0.4%).

Browsers (as reported by AWStats for 2005 YTD)

MS Internet Explorer 81.1%
Firefox 8.7%
Netscape 5.6%
Mozilla 2.4%
Safari 1.2%
Opera 0.2%
and the rest

From my perspective, I would combine Firefox, Netscape, and Mozilla into one component and call that a 16.7% share. Not too shabby. For comparison, that same grouping had a 8.0% share for Jan-Dec 2004.

RSS Newsreaders (as reported by Feedburner)
Since Fanblogs has over 100 college football feeds, I took the top conference feeds, combined, and got the averages below. This may not be the best method, but I think it’s a fair representation.

My Yahoo 64.8%
FeedDemon 16.2%
Bloglines 14.8%
SharpReader 3.1%
Firefox Live Bookmarks 0.8%
and the rest

Again, I’m not surprised that My Yahoo is the leader here. Again, Fanblogs users are (IMHO) Joe American. The audience is tilted towards the non-geek. My Yahoo is winning with that set. I wasn’t really surprised to see FeedDemon so well, either. It’s easy to use, priced right, and works. (Nick, looks like Fanblogs should be a default listing, huh? 🙂 )

So, there you have it. Now, back to the college football.

UPDATE: There have been some questions about the impact of the MyYahoo stickers on the Fanblogs feeds page. Those were adding this month (March 2005) when we noticed the huge tilt towards MyYahoo. From April 2003 – March 2005, Fanblogs only had the feed name and an orange “XML” button.

3 Comments on “Fanblogs browser & newsreader stats”

  1. Hi Kevin,

    I’m amazed by the RSS stats – nearly 65% MyYahoo!! Wow! I posted a response here:

    What I’m curious about though is how large the data set was that you measured? Are you able to email me at readwriteweb AT to let me know? I’m doing an informal RSS Aggregation survey via Feedburner, so your stats would come in *very* handy for that. ref:

    regards, Richard

  2. Regarding the MyYahoo buttons, those were added in March 2005. Since the launch in 2003, we simply had orange “XML” buttons on the feed listing. Once we became aware of the skew towards MyYahoo, we added the sticker. A few weeks ago, we added the NewsGator stickers as well.