Off again

I got a good seven hours sleep in my own bed – the first time I’ve seen my own pillow in seven days. Merrin & I are off to KY today to be with my family after the passing of my grandmother.

I didn’t have a chance to rush in and see her before she passed, but – to be just perfectly honest – I really feel grateful that I didn’t. My memories of my grandmother are all of her as an exceptional strong woman with a wonderful heart and a hot stove. 🙂 She always had room in her heart for everyone – and there were always a lot of us around to love. At Christmas, there would always be 50 people around, but there was always room for 51.

I haven’t seen her too many times since we moved to Texas, but she was always close in thought. It’s good to know that she’ll be watching over us from now on.

6 Comments on “Off again”

  1. I’m sorry we didn’t get to speak to you today. I’m sad for you that you lost your grandmother. Have a safe trip. We love you!