Later, y’all

So the time has come to put Y’allBlog out of it’s misery. It was fun for a while, and then it wasn’t – so unplugging it is the right think to do. I think Y’allBlog will be back one day (perhaps as a D/FW aggregate blog), but I’m just tapped right now.

12 Comments on “Later, y’all”

  1. That’s too bad. It sucks that one person can ruin something for everybody, especially since it was really more of a public service.
    I know you don’t necessarily agree with the whole “one person” thing, but there are plenty of us out there that think exactly that.

  2. I know, I know. I picked a managing editor that could neither manage nor edit. That being said, I’m just as guilty for bugging out as the other authors.

  3. I think it is funny. i clicked on the link and told it to open in a new window. when i realized it was a dead link i closed it before reading it.
    Then my mind was like …wait.. that hand… it was flipping you off!.
    So i had to go back and check to see if i was really being flipped off or not. lol

  4. Huh? Yallblog is gone? I just started a blog and wanted to join up. When I went to my blog today and clicked my button (the one sad little link on my fledgling blog), I got the error message and did some investigating, which brought me here. What’s a noob DFW blogger to do?

  5. I feel bad because I had so many ideas for that thing… Maybe if you decide to bring it back up again, we can talk. And we need to meet for drinks with Stacy soon!!!