Way down here….

Los CabosI got the green light to buy tickets for the company sales incentive to Mexico. Can I tell you how excited I am? First, it’s an awards trip, so they take *really* good care of us. (I work for a hotel & resort company, so when I say “*really* good care of us”, I mean really good care of us.) Secondly, it’s freakin’ Mexico, which I love. How can you not love a country that force feeds you margaritas all day long?! And finally, this is going to be just weeks before our 5th wedding anniversary. So, can you say week-long couple’s massage?

So forget the fact that we just got home, I’ve got two trips before then, and we’re going to the Bahamas with the Coopers just after this. I cannot freakin’ wait to get to Mexico.

I gotta make this my desktop background picture. And I gotta start practicing on my margarita drinking. I used to be able to drink margaritas all day. Better get back “in shape” for it. 🙂

5 Comments on “Way down here….”

  1. For those that know the name of the resort, do me a favor & don’t mention it. I’m trying to get out of the habit of giving away every detail on my blog. Thanks!

    For those that know it & want to pay to send a bottle of Vueve to my room…… 🙂

  2. Mexico AND the Bahamas? My heart bleeds for you. No, really. You’re in a land-locked state and you’re seeing the beach more than me!

  3. As a former resident of a small section of Texas’ 450 miles of coast, I can assure you that Texas is not landlocked. =)

    That being said, I wanna be Kevin Donahue when I grow up.

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