Completely out of context

The following is completely out of context here, but it’s my own view, so I’m cross-posting it here so there can be no question….

Hey, I’ll jump in a few days late with my totally uneducated yet completely secure view….

I’m quite certain that God must be a lot like my wife. Not only was she created in his image by his love, but she also knows that there are things you let pass and things you take issue with.

God knows we’re going to f’up the little things. We’re going to judge people wrongly and commit plenty of transgressions that –if taken under a microscope– would seriously piss someone off.

All of these transgressions must be measured in the spirit of our relationship with Christ. Does my excessive, artistic, & borderline tourette’s use of profanity make God’s ears bleed? Without question. Does it color my belief? My faith? My trust in the Lord? My love? No.

In the same context, if I want to “find love” with an acorn squash & a can of joy juice, I don’t believe God would bat an eye. If I place this love ahead of my relationship with God, then I have committed an epic sin.

We are told that we cannot judge one another, as all of us have our own sins. Should someone judge my supposed love for a squash? No, but for whatever reason, that ship is just perpetually sailed because…let’s face it…judging others is really quite a bit of fun. It makes us feel better about our own shortcomings.

I will always be judged by others. Many will think I’m an idiot for the decisions I’ve made in my own life. You will always be judged by others. That piercing, for example, will continue to be a source of infinite question marks.

God loves us despite the “shortcomings” that others assign to us. His love is unconditional – whether we are “deserving” of it in another’s eyes is of no consequence. Is their judgment superior to God’s own? Is there judgment superior to God’s own?

God has called us to love one another, to be accepting of our collective shortcomings, and to accept & love Jesus.

The comet your chasing is, “Does God care whom/what I love?”

God created love. We were created with love to find love & give love to one another. He has placed love in the hearts of men and in the hearts of women. I think God dances when we find love we can share with another – be it man, woman, or gourd.

I don’t need one or one million scriptures to know that this is true. Love is love. It cannot be measured. Adam did not love Eve any more than I love my wife. My love cannot be greater than the love that two others share.

Long story short, I don’t think God cares who you love. Is your heart pure? Is your love without question? If so, then it *is* the work of God.

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