A “bullet in the heart of the enemy.”

The future of Iraq.

Voter turnout in Iraq is estimated at 72% throughout Iraq, and as high as 95% in some parts of Baghdad. There were insurgent attacks, but there were far fewer than American forces had expected.

In the northeastern town of Baquba, CNN’s Jane Arraf found a polling station where a long line of Iraqi voters chanted and clapped their hands in front of the camera.

One voter told Arraf that Sunday’s vote was a “bullet in the heart of the enemy.”

At first glance, this is a great victory for the people of Iraq. There will still be terrorists, but they will have a government of their own that can fight terrorism with the support of the people.

The biggest winners in all of this? The women of Iraq. Not only are they voting in record numbers, but a huge number of women will be elected to lead in the Iraqi Parliament.

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