Simple password protected entries for MT

A lot of people I know would love to be able to post a password protected entry now & then. Most of the scripts that enable such posts are hard to implement & even harder to maintain.

Arvind has come up with an elegant php solution that allows you to supply a password for each protected entry – meaning you can use different passwords to give different access to guests. His version is directed at MT 3.x versions, but looks like it would be easy to implement for 2.6+ versions of MovableType.

One Comment on “Simple password protected entries for MT”

  1. The perl should stay similar if not exactly the same. Its just the line numbers that would’ve changed. The PHP as well should be simlar, its just that you would have to manually connect to the DB and then pull the values out whereas with the 3.1x PHP, I’ve used the built in ezsql and just called a db object!