5 Comments on “ashes, ashes, y’all fall down”

  1. No, it didn’t! I didn’t resign because of that post!

    I love how more than one person assumed this without even asking me if that was the case. Isn’t that what started this whole mess? Lack of communication? See what happens when you make assumptions…???? GAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

    Sorry…rage blogging. LOL! 🙂

  2. I have to say, that if I was part of y’all blog, that post would piss me off too. I don’t think Stacy overreacted at all. He might have been upset, annoyed, or whatever, about people “not showing up”, but to call people his “minions” and to go to such lengths to announce his disappointment was pretty freakin rude. And the comment from his wife about passing the drama queen crown….damn! They both need to chill.

    For your sake, I hope Mark didn’t screw up your hard work with y’all blogs by using such poor judgement.

    Feel free to delete this comment, or portions of it, as you see fit. i just wanted to share my opinion.

  3. A: I’m nobody’s minion.
    B: Who died and made Mark the Y’allFather?
    C: As a contributor to Yallblog from…let’s see…DAY ONE, I can’t help but be a little miffed. There’s no need for the drama. I’m sorry you were sick, dude, but things happen. Kevin and I fully planned on attending last night. Now I’m glad we didn’t.

  4. I have a no deleting comments policy. Unless you’re an ass (to me or another commenter). Neither of you were, so no deleting.

    And Y’allFather? That will always be me. 🙂