Won’t see this on the news

You’re not going to see this covered on the news regarding Iraq:

“53.3% said the security is good in their area. 21.7% said that security was average in their area. 25% said that security was bad in their area.”

“72.4 % of all of those polled said they would participate in the elections.”

75% of Iraqis say the security is good or average. That’s a stark contrast to the little that we are shown on TV. And 72% are going to vote?! That would make our 56% turnout look awful.

2 Comments on “Won’t see this on the news”

  1. These figures seem a little Bush supporter orientated. I am definately one for the right of people having their own opinion, but would love to know what “area” these figures where taken from. Another way to look at these figures is that 46.7% of Iraqi’s say that security is average to bad!
    Let’s list the most major fact that won’t appear on Fox, more people have died since the American invasion than in the WHOLE rule of Saddam, don’t get me wrong this man commited atrocites that will see him rot in hell but that is the most scary statistic of all!!!!!

  2. For someone so interested in facts & exploring data, I would think you would do a little more research on your numbers. Mass graves are being discovered with tens of thousands of bodies from Saddam. Iraq’s own records show that hundreds of thousands were taken from there families and killed.

    Voting in Iraq has very little to do with Bush. It will, however, have a very real impact on our own front lawns. If it succeeds, we’ll all be safer.

    If Iraq fails (or if we fail in Iraq), then three states that support terrorism will run from the Mediterranean to central Asia – Syria, Iraq, and Iran. It would be one of the largest expanses for terrorists to train & move freely. We cannot allow that to happen.

    Of course, that’s what it would be if Saddam were in power, too.