Nice range. Whose is it?

Well, the new range & range hood was delivered yesterday. It’s definitely a beaut, Clark. They brought it in very early Sunday morning & I got everything hooked up.

The lovely Mrs. Donahue awoke to survey her new shiny goodness and paused they way Hoos in Hooville might have when they awoke to find the Grinch had snatched the roast beast. The one she wanted had some additional bells, whistles, and simmer stations. This one most certainly did not. Oh. Seems the lead-headed husband ordered the wrong range. D’oh!

She wasn’t mad & tried to seem pleased with the somewhat less shiny yet new goodness. Eh.

So, after a few phone calls, the good folks at Sears will be coming back to pick this one up & replacing it with Mrs. Donahue’s shiny new range – bells, whistles, simmer stations, and all.

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