State Farm’s all up in my grill

Remember when I questioned my relationship with State Farm? Well, in the past week they’ve been showing up to try to secure their place in my wallet heart.

This week, my agent calls and –after six years with them– they’ve determined that I might be “slightly over-insured”. In other words, over-insured by tens of thousands of dollars. Long story short, they’re now going to help me save a little money.

And yesterday, at the Fort Worth Stock Show, the State Farm Bear wants to take a picture with me.

(Side note: Does a vicious predator really present the “good neighbor” image?)

So… does State Farm read my blog?

2 Comments on “State Farm’s all up in my grill”

  1. I have it on good authority that if they were visiting, you’d know it. Their visitors come through as * on reverse IP lookup. This applies to all SF employees, corporate and agent.

    …or that’s what I was told, anyway.