Cook it, Mer O!

Merrin is working on putting together a cookbook as a wedding gift. She’s putting together something like 75 of her best recipes (including mojitos!) That is –as I have been told several times this week– quite a bit of typing. The best part of the cookbook, though, is that she’s going to have to cook some of my favorites so as to include color photos of the plate-ups. Mmmm.

We’re going to print it as a book and publish it when we’re all finished. So, if you’re in need of a cookbook….

10 Comments on “Cook it, Mer O!”

  1. Kevin, if you need someone else to preview (taste) the new stuff, let me know.
    The Cook Book could probably use a new pic of a smiling face, other than Josh’s ………. LMAO

  2. I agree with Angela – very cool gift idea.

    Ryan keeps all of his recipes online so if someone asks about one, he can just send them the link.

  3. I am standing in line for that cookbook! When it goes public, will I have permission to blog about it because it’s blog worthy!