Month: January 2005

Where’s the backlash?

I still can’t figure out why there’s no real blogger backlash against Apple for suing Apple Insider, Power Page, and ThinkSecret. Is suing bloggers for posting about current/future products OK? Is Apple truly above reproach to Apple enthusiasts? Can you imagine the backlash if it were Microsoft?


OK, after salivating all through the holiday season, I’ve taken the plunge. Everything I’ve read about this little puppy says it’s perfect for me: great zoom (10x optical!) with awesome stabilization, lots of options & upgrades, & great price. I’m just a “vacation” photographer, so the 3.2MP should be just right for me! I’m getting …

Thanks, Comcast!

Another nice email from Comcast today. They may be the devil incarnate when it comes to television over copper wire, but they are sweet-sweet when it comes to the Internets. Comcast rotor-rooted my bandwidth so I’m getting 4Mbps down & 384Kbps up – at no extra charge. Yahootie!