MSN Desktop Search

Six words caused me to switch from Google Desktop this week. When the Google Blog posted “your machine has been automatically updated“, I immediately reached for the uninstall. Automatically updated? While that may sound like a ‘good’ idea at some level, who knew that Google would push down an unattended update without any user confirmation?

I’ve since switched to MSN Desktop Search. In comparing the two, there are three big advantages to MSN Desktop Search:

  1. The first is, quite simply, Microsoft isn’t going to auto update anything. When updates are available, there will be a little pop-up that tells me about said update. None of this auto download behind my back thing.
  2. I really enjoy that fact that MSN Desktop Search can scan network drives. That was a big pain with Google, and I’m really happy that MSN has the network capabilities. While that may be irrelevant for some, if you’ve got your photos/mp3s/documents on a remote location, I personally think it’s nice to be able to locate/search them. Call me a simpleton.
  3. Finally, there are some pretty handy add-ons for the search beta already. For example, one add-on I’ve really got a lot of use from at work is Search Inside Adobe Acrobat Files.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve switched.

5 Comments on “MSN Desktop Search”

  1. Course, MSN may update you and not mention a word of it that “your machine has been automatically updated”.

  2. I don’t get it — all this sniffing about Firefox not being able to show MSN results. Firefox also doesn’t let you manage the files on your hard drive, that doesn’t stop you from using it does it? Think of MSN results as managable items on your hard drive — oh, wait, they are! 🙂